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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by drsprite, Sep 22, 2016.

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  1. drsprite

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    Hey! Welcome to the new forums! We're still cleaning things up around here, but the new platform is here to stay!

    If you'd like to join in, register your new account (use your in game name so we all know its you). Then confirm the email that gets sent to you!

    Once you log in you can start creating posts about whatever you want and earning forum trophies as you go.

    Some pretty cool features on this forum:
    1. Background alerts. If you subscribe to a topic, or someone messages you while you're on the site, you'll get a notification on the "Alerts" tab. You'll also get an icon update in your browser tabs list too! [​IMG]
    2. You can mention and alert other players by using the @ syntax. Example: @drsprite
    3. You can leave comments of peoples profiles now - sort of like Facebook
    4. You can private message other members

    That's a quick summary of some of the cool stuff in this update of the forums! Don't forget to set your timezone in your Profile preferences. That way everything is in your correct time!

    If you have any questions, let a member of staff know!
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