The shops area is open! Buy, sell and run your own shop!

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by drsprite, Sep 2, 2016.

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  1. drsprite

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    The staff have created a shop area for you to sell your items at! If you head to /warp shop, you'll see the new shopping area.

    How to buy something from someone's shop:

    • Buying something from someone's shop is easy. Just walk right in, and right click on the sign that has the item you want. Make sure you have enough money by checking /balance!

    How to buy a shop so you can sell your stuff:

    • If you would like to sell stuff, you need to buy a store.
    • To buy a store, walk up to the sign for that store and type /as buy and that will buy it for the cost that is on the sign.
    • Once you own the store, you then setup your own Chest Shops inside. See this Tutorial on the ChestShops

    How to sell your store:

    • If you want to sell your store, make sure your chest shops are empty and the signs are removed.
    • Then stand inside your store and type /as sell. That will sell the store and you will get your money back.

    Your shops must remain stocked with items! Shops that do not restock their chests, or players who no longer maintain their shops, can have their shop removed by the staff! This is to give everyone a fair chance at running a shop!

    It's that easy! If you have question, let us know :)

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