The Adventures Of The Lost Mansion

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Peridot, Aug 2, 2017.

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  1. Peridot

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    Once upon a time, lived 2 wonderful players. They roamed though the world without a single care of the future, until... 1.11. This updated added the magical llamas and lost mansions which were such a delight to find. Lived in the mansion were these weird looking creatures which none have witnessed. These players were destined to find the mansion, which only thus one of in the entire world.

    They traded with some villagers for some abandoned maps, thus leading to the mansion. They packed their gear, made some food, and they headed out. It was going to be a long journey. Traveling 1000's of blocks, but it was worth it. They saw many different biomes. Which were a delight to look at. But they continued. It took nights but soon they made it.

    The first they saw, were... llamas! They eagerly tamed them, in such excitement. But they tied them up and before they knew it, there it was the mansion.

    It was hard to find the entrance due to all the crowded trees but they found it. They had their eggs ready, they were armed, but most of all, they were excited. First they discovered some loot which they both shared. They carefully traveled though the mansion looking for the creatures, The Evokers, The Vindicator, and The Vex. They were ready to catch any one they see...

    Soon they quickly caught them, super merry, like they got promoted to Admins. Their adventure was soon to be over. They carefully warped home. with all what they have found. Soon they took the Vindicator eggs and used them for a emerald farm! They shared their weath with others.

    The End!
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  2. drsprite

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    The story doesn't end there! Surely there's more adventures to be had!

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