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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by thewhenderson, Dec 19, 2016.

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  1. thewhenderson

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    Hello, Everyone!

    Recently there has been a very big issue on a very simple topic, and that's PvP.
    When BlockTown started, there was little interference when it came to matters of PvP. There was simply wilderness, and safe zones. This has been true throughout BlockTown history with the exception of BlockTown 4 where PvP was disabled (It was brought back in later maps because of the high demand for it). Now, on BlockTown 9, every issue that the admins seem to get involves PvP.

    BlockTown 9 follows the same concept that all previous BlockTown maps (which had PvP enabled) had set. PvP has safe zones and wilderness. While the methods of creating these safe zones have changed, the idea remains. BlockTown 9 has possibly the easiest way to avoid PvP yet! Claims can be made at your base that render it PvP free! Plus, this territory can be expanded for free the more you play! Protection has never been so simple.

    But there seems to be a sense of "I didn't know PvP was allowed" or "They took my stuff and won't give it back" tone about PvP recently. So I'd like to reassert the guidelines BlockTown Staff try to follow when it comes to PvP:
    1. PvP is allowed in all shapes and forms. (This Includes teleportation PvP)
    2. Staff WILL NOT replace any goods you lost due to PvP
    3. We will not take any action against a person who is a notable PvP-er because they killed you, with the exception of supposed hacking.

    If need be, this list will be updated to further clarify the guidelines of PvP.
    BlockTown does not wish to restrict a fairly basic concept of the game and will do its best to ensure that both the wishes of PvP players and non-PvP players can feel that BlockTown meets the needs of both type of players without preferring either side.
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  2. drsprite

    drsprite Owner Staff Member Administrator Owner Donator

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    The rules have been updated with this information. Rules

    Stay safe out there everyone!

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