Global Market Gone?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by MageGamingYT, Jun 18, 2017.

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  1. MageGamingYT

    MageGamingYT New Member

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    I'm Guessing because of the recent 1.12 update that the plugin is gone or someone done goofed but I did have a question. Will all the stuff in the market still exist because I had some mending stuff in my /market mail. If so Please Tell me if not R.I.P.
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  2. drsprite

    drsprite Owner Staff Member Administrator Owner Donator

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    The market broke due to 1.12. We were running an old plugin to have the market. We knew there was a risk that it would break, but it had shown history of working. Anyways 1.12 broke it - RIP

    Your stuff shouldn't be gone. As I understand it you had to put it into a chest for it to be sold. So you can open the chest and get your items back. @thewhenderson thoughts?

    There is another, more supported /market plugin for 1.12 available but it's a paid-for plugin. I wasn't sure how popular the /market was - do people use it enough to warrant purchasing the plugin?

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