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Rules updated August 2, 2017

These rules are subject to frequent updates. Please be sure you stay up to date with this page.
We believe in a fun gaming experience for everyone. The rules help ensure everyone has the same rights on the server and there are no questions. The staff and admins of the server are held to the same standard. Just because we created the rules, doesn't mean we're above them!

Player titles:

  1. Owner: As owner of all things BlockTown, this is drsprite's rank
  2. Admin: primary staff of BlockTown. These staff members work with drsprite to help keep it running smooth. We help players, we enforce the rules and we ban players who get out of line.
  3. Moderator: Moderators primarily help players, but also have the ability to warn, kick and ban players.
  4. Builder: general player of the server.
  5. Default: a new player who does not have build rights on the server.

● Staff can, and will, be monitoring your game play to make sure players abide by the rules. This includes using vanish and/or spectator game mode.

● If you've been banned, then you may try and appeal your ban here. Note: Overturning a ban may result in the loss of your inventory, buildings, structures, economy balance, and/or XP Points. These will be determined by staff.

● If you need to report someone violating these rules, please create a thread in the Player Reports forum. We'll address it as soon as we can.

General Rules:

All players and staff must follow these rules on all servers within the BlockTown network. Any player who breaks these rules risks being banned from the network.

1. No griefing:
In simple terms, if you didn't build it, then don't touch it. If you built it as part of a team, then the team needs to decide to destroy it.   Griefing is not acceptable in PVP, ever.

2. No stealing:
Do not take things that don't belong to you. Other players on this server work hard at gaining inventory. If you steal from them, you will be banned.   The exception is in PVP combat, where the victor may loot the items of the victim. See PVP rules below.

3. No cheating or hacking:
If you have client mods loaded, please do not use them on our server. This includes (but not limited to) xray, flying, inventory, no-clip, etc.

4. No swearing:
We strive to have a family friendly environment. Swearing will not be tolerated.

5. No offensive signs, buildings, or speech:
Do not build or say anything that would be offensive. Likewise, do not place signs with offensive messages.  Admins and Moderators may exercise this rule at their discretion.

6. Do not advertise other servers:
We work hard on our server, and we're proud of what we have. Please do not spam other servers here.

7. No spamming:
Nobody likes someone begging for attention. Please don't spam the chat.

8. Don't beg to become staff:
There is no auto ranking system on BlockTown. Staff and promotions will be at drsprite's discretion or during a public vote. The best way to become staff is to help other players!

9. Don't be rude, and do not harrass:
Rude chat, rude gameplay and harassment will not be tolerated. We all know how to be nice people in real life. Lets keep those same morals going in-game too.

10. Staff will not repair nor replace items lost on the Survival Server.
Staff will not be handing out freebies of any kind.

11. Use claim blocks on the Survival Server to protect your buildings!
You win 225 free claim blocks for every hour you play! To claim your land type /claim. Staff is not obligated to rollback or undo any griefing that is not in a protected area! Click here for more information.

12. Do not build too close to other settlements!
BlockTown is currently 20,000 blocks wide in all directions. There is absolutely no need for you to build next to an existing settlement. Doing so will be treated as an act of trolling, and you will be required to move your building or risk losing the building and any items in the chests. Any building within 100 blocks that is not approved by the neighboring settlement will be in violation!

PVP Rules:

IMPORTANT: When on the Survival Server, the PVP rules below are in effect.
  1. Protect yourself! Your /claim areas are PVP safe zones. Go to your claim or go to /spawn to prevent PVP.
  2. PvP is allowed in all shapes and forms. This Includes teleportation PvP.
  3. ONCE ENGAGED IN PVP, YOU CANNOT /home, /spawn, /warp, /tpa, /back. YOU MUST FIGHT OR FLIGHT.
  4. Staff WILL NOT replace any goods you lost due to PvP
  5. Do not accept a teleport request (/tpaccept) from anyone you don't know or don't trust. It could be a PVP attack!
  6. We will not take any action against a person who is a notable PvP-er because they killed you, with the exception of hacking or client mods.
  7. For more information, read this bulletin.

If you agree to these rules, type /rulesaccept in game to be promoted to Builder.

Thank you for helping us make BlockTown a better place to play minecraft!
Sep 22, 2016
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