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Join our Survival Server where you start from the beginning. We give you some tools to start, then it's up to you to start building and survive the night!


BlockTown Minecraft Server - Play at

Would you rather build an awesome creation? Join our Creative Server and immediatly get every block at your disposal to create awesome buildings!

Survival Games

BlockTown Minecraft Server - Play at

Join the survival games and be the last player standing! Will you strike early or wait it out? Click here to learn more!

Donation Ranks

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BlockTown runs off support from people like you! As a thank you, we give special in game perks to our donators. Click here to learn more!

Building Protection

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Both the Survival Server and Creative Server use building protection! We want to help you protect your creations! Click here to learn more!

Mob Hunting

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Hunting mobs on the Survival Server gets you in-game money! Special hits could earn you more money! Click here to learn more on Mob Hunting!

Get a Job

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On the Survival Server get a job and get paid! Click here to learn more about jobs!

Run a Shop

BlockTown Minecraft Server - Play at

Buy your own storefront on the Survival Server and sell your items in the shop area! Learn more about running a shop here!

by thewhenderson at 6:07 PM (194 views / 1 like)

With the introduction of BlockTown v.10, we're trying a new market system that should make everything a lot easier for everyone. It's called Global Market and it's largely command and GUI based. It's easy to get the hang of, but if you need help, follow this introduction:

If you're looking to sell an item that you have, you must hold that item and use the command:
/market create.

You will have to create a price per quantity for the command following the long form:
/market create [price] [quantity]

This will put your item on the market listings menu, which can be accessed using:
/market listings

In this GUI, you can...

by drsprite at 4:11 PM (240 views / 0 likes)

We've reset the map - welcome to BlockTown v10!

All claim areas, and economy balances are back to 0!

The following is now disabled as part of v10:
  • Creative
  • Hunger Games
  • EggCatcher - use the food methods to lure animals back to your area

by drsprite at 10:00 AM (343 views / 0 likes)

Hey everyone! Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year! I hope 2017 brings you all success and joy!

BlockTown's spawn is ready for a party so if you're around, we'll be sure to have some fireworks at /spawn all throughout the night tonight!

Feel free to reply to this post and share your screenshots if you join in on the fun!

by drsprite at 6:42 PM (311 views / 1 like)
Just a quick update to let everyone know we've upgraded to the latest Spigot and BungeeCord builds which support 1.11.2!

by drsprite at 7:24 PM (304 views / 1 like)

Merry Christmas everyone! May your day be full of happiness, great gifts and quality time spent with loved ones!

See you in game soon!

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